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For our relationships to grow we have to Dig Deep to be sure we pull out all the rocks, weeds or thorns that prevent us from being en(rich)ed soil

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Hi Everyone,

Happy New Year !!! 2022
Hope you are well (Body, Mind & Soul), with a year Plus of Covid-19 and other variants; we are making efforts to continue to heal and adjust. 


Let 's invest in our marriage (relationships), family and ourself; as they have been effected.

Join me in some classes that will help us do this:

  • A variety of classes for the Marrieds

  • ​Love & Respect for Non Married.

  • LifeTalk Classes/Discussion

  • Podcast on the Soul, with Special guest

  • Intro to Trauma/Radical Trauma

The goal is to start these classes in February
Please stay tune for upcoming info


Chuck Royal

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